Congress Rules

Times of play

Saturday:   Round 1  10:00am,    Round 2  2:30pm,    Round 3   6:30pm.
Sunday:     Round 4  10.00am,    Round 5  2:30pm.

There is no formal prize giving. A list of Prize Winners will be posted on the Congress website and all prize money will be forwarded to the winners.

If your opponent has not arrived by 30 minutes after the start of a round he or she will be defaulted and you should report to the Controller’s desk for re-pairing.

A half point bye may be requested in advance, except in round 5.

Rate of Play

All moves in 90 minutes, plus 10 seconds per move from first move.


The Chief Organiser is Ray Claret.

The Controller’s decision in all matters will be final.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse entries, transfer entries and to revise prize money according to circumstances.

Eligibility for Prizes

Except in the Open Tournament, no ungraded player may win more than a maximum of £60. However, to be eligible for this prize money ungraded players must have provided written evidence of their playing strength at least one week before the start of the competition.

Personal Information

All results will be submitted to the ECF for grading and it is a condition of entry that players agree to their grading information being published on the St Albans Congress and ECF websites.

On the Day

No smoking is allowed in the school or its grounds.